One Week to Go!!

Just one week left until the release!!

It still all seems more than mildly unreal to me, and yet the days continue to trickle away.

So here’s the word from my publisher:

Labyrinth of Lies will be released first in ebook format.  Then, after the first 100 electronic copies sell, it will be made available to be ordered in paperback.  This is because the ebook market is booming right now and Champagne Books is seeking to take advantage of this by pushing ebooks first.

This is nice for those prospective readers with Kindles and Nooks, but not so great for those of you who want a signed copy.

It will still come out in paperback (so I will be able to sign it for you, if you want–no worries!), but there will be a slight delay before paper copies can be ordered.  So, in the meanwhile, feel free to tell your friends with eReaders about my book so that the first 100 copies will sell out as quickly as possible.

Where will you be able to order copies when the time comes?

  • Amazon (exact details TBA)
  • Perhaps some other online stores
  • And possibly Barnes and Noble online

And there will be plenty of buy links on my website, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter!

Here is today’s excerpt:

In that instant, a terrible, heart-rending grief descended on him. In that second, his mother died all over again. Every scraped knee from all of his childhood returned with a vengeance. Each cruel word, every bad day he had ever faced, these Theseus lived over again. Yet all the pain from all his life intensified and multiplied could not compare with the agony he now felt. His lungs filled with air, and yet he was suffocating. A painful lump of steel formed in his throat. He felt as though his very heart had been torn from his chest, but for some reason unknown to him, it still remained there, throbbing.

And Theseus committed the single hardest act of his entire life.

He let go.


I always love comments (hint, hint). And thank you all of you who have been helping spread word and sharing my Facebook page.  You all are wonderful!

Just one week to go!!!

<3 Hannah

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  1. Here’s a comment for you! Your writing is beautiful, as always. I’ll definitely be asking you to sign my copy of the book at some point.

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