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As much as I love Harry Potter, Eragon, Pride and Prejudice, and A Tale of Two Cities, none of them are my favorite.  Surprisingly enough, my favorite book of all time (so far, at least) is a book many of you have probably never even heard of, a paperback novel called Legend of the Emerald Rose.

It’s set in the time of King Arthur (in the Dark Ages of Europe, right after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, about 500 AD).  Packed with romance and adventure, it’s the kind of book that grabs your heart and never really lets go.

I’ve literally read it at least 4-5 times all the way through, but I’ve read my favorite parts at least 10 times each, probably.


I follow the author, Linda Wichman, on Pinterest.  She doesn’t pin very often, so when she pinned her book cover a few nights ago, I was surprised, and I “liked” it.  Even more surprising, however, was the notification I got a little while later….


The author of my favorite book liked some of my novel inspiration pins on Pinterest!  How crazy is that?  I love her writing and she liked my pins. It wasn’t anything super earth-shattering, but it was a nice distraction from physics homework, and it made me smile.

The mid-semester crunch is hitting early this time.  Already, my life is packed out with homework and swiftly approaching organic chemistry tests. I’m still attempting some to maintain the publicity campaign for my novel and still working on the next one, but there never really is enough time in a day, is there?  But I suppose that’s life, so we do our best with what we can. Hang in there!

Till next time

<3 Hannah

2 Thoughts.

  1. Hi Hannah! Thank you for sharing your fondness for LER on your blog and for making my day! You haven’t by chance worn out your copy? If you think that’s the case, please write to my email address and I’ll send you an autographed copy of Legend of the Emerald Rose.

    God’s hug,

  2. I’m with you! Out of every YA book I’ve read, this is my favorite. A hidden gem. I’m super excited there will be more!

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